Know the marijuana effects on teenage

One of the highly used illicit elements in the US is marijuana. Last year, it was estimated that about 43.5 million individuals were using marijuana. The usage of marijuana is extensive among young people. Grassly is one of the best marijuana business directories that aids in locating marijuana dealers across the country. We have shared a full list here about the marijuana effects, treatment options, and signs of marijuana usage.

If a person is using marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol – a main psychoactive chemical passed from the digestive tract or lungs into the bloodstream. THC is further carried to the brain by the blood. It acts on particular cannabinoid receptors. It is mostly seen in portions of the brain connected with time perception, sensory, coordination, memory, pleasure, thinking, and concentration. When THC over activates these portions, it makes the person feel ‘high’. Marijuana has chances to impair functions like learning, memory, attention and the effects can remain for several days further than the actual high.

Teenagers using marijuana could experience long term side effects. As the teenage brain is not completely mature, their brain will be sensitive to drug contact. So, marijuana use affects the way connections are developed within the brain. Some of the other effects on the brain include abnormal structure volume and brain shape and interference with neurotransmitters. Studies have proved that teens could experience reduced cognitive function because of marijuana usage. One study has stated that there are chances for the teens (who frequently using marijuana) to lose IQ of average 5.8 points when they reach adulthood. Another study has clarified that marijuana usage affects the cognitive development of teenagers severe than alcohol.

Some of the other long term issues connected with marijuana usage are the onset of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (described by cycles of severe vomiting, nausea, and dehydration that would require immediate medical attention), issues with child development after and during pregnancy, increases chances of heart attack and lung cancer and respiratory issues.

Treatment option
If you are doubting that your teen is using marijuana, it is recommended to seek professional help. The treatment plan should be planned to determine the unique abuse patterns of the teen and their associated social, psychiatric and medical problems. Adolescents with marijuana use syndromes usually suffer from various mental health issues. The person has to be taken for treatment for substance abuse and mental illness together.

Some adults benefit from inpatient treatment and some are given convenient outpatient treatment. The outpatient treatment will let them attend school sessions. The treatment will mostly consist of cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is a significant tool that changes and determines the behaviors and attitudes of the teen associated with substance misuse and various co-occurring issues.

Signs of marijuana use
If your adolescent has been smoking weed, you can easily identify from the smell and their overall presence. If they reach home with bloodshot or red eyes, it is one of the signs showing they are high. Some of the other physical signals are delayed reaction times mentally and physically and problems with muscle coordination.